Management Team


Paddy De Lacy

Paddy matriculated at Selborne College and on leaving school joined the South African Railways qualifying as an electrician. In 1984 he joined Mercedes Benz where he worked for a year. He decided to travel overseas for a year and on his return he joined Starkey and Rooney in the technical field and became their technical representative.

In 1990 he was given the opportunity to join North & Robertson and in 1996 together with Brenden Tiltmann purchased the business. Paddy firmly believes that service to the customers is of paramount importance and this has led to the success of the company.


Brenden Tiltmann

Brenden joined the company in December 1992 after completing his National Service. Working under the watchful eye of his father, Brian Tiltmann, he started in the store where he learnt all aspects of the business including goods receiving, dispatching, delivering and gained substantial product knowledge.

Working his way up the ladder he realized that there was a need to have someone out in the field to service major clients such as Municipalities and to date we still have most of the municipalities as our customers.


Brian Tiltmann

Brian joined the company in 1960 and specializes in dealing with cable, transformers, switchgear and mini-sub stations.


Brendan Nicholson

Brendan joined North & Robertson in 1964 and after fours years of electrical sales and training, he decided to take up the challenge of specializing in the mechanical seal industry. After ten years in the seal industry he has gained much knowledge and technical advice through the John Crane training programmes as well as various other courses he has attended over the years.


Eric Mbizeni

Eric started in 1988 and has progressed to be a very able and valuable asset to the company as our stores manager. His duties and responsibilities include, receiving, dispatching and returns.